Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Saturday, Sunday & Monday.

Saturday morning got off to a rough start. I was planning on getting up early, taking a walk, then going to my son's soccer practice and then to the gym with my BFF. However, I ended up getting up a bit late, and rushing to soccer practice only to find out it was canceled. Argh!

Anyway, Erica and I went to the gym and worked out and I burned 500 calories on the arc trainer/30 minutes, then did 13 minutes rowing, 2 minutes on the jacobs ladder (OMG, tough!) then various weights.

I was also really bummed because my HRM was working after I got the battery changed, and now its not working again. :( I guess I will have to buy a new one. I really need it so I can know my total workout calorie burn.

I also did not really count my calories well on Sunday or Monday, nor did I work out. My thighs and hips were really sore, but I really should have worked out yesterday. I was totally lazy and slept a lot.

Saturday Food:

English muffin: 100
egg: 75
cheese: 25
Jam: 25
skinny caramel macchiato: 140
1/2 kind bar: 90
1.5 cups of rice: 320
bulgogi: 487 (according to livestrong, one serving is 325, but I think I had about 1.5 servings.)
korean pastry: I don't know, but estimating about 300 cals.

total: 1562. I also had kimchi and daikon radish with my bulgogi and rice and that probably added minimal calories.

Sunday Food:
Korean bread: 200
PB: 200
cup of rice: 210
seaweed: 200
kimchi: 30

I can't remember what else I had


Monday Food:
cup of rice: 200
seaweed: 200
kimchi: 30
chex: 100
soy milk: 90
salmon: 118
asparagus: 50
1/2 cup enoki mushrooms, sauteed: 14 These mushrooms are so cute and delicious!
korean bread: 100
PB: 200
sesame oil:60
2 cups choc. soy milk: 310

Total cals: 1472. I know I had something else, but I can't remember. The importance of writing everything down! ARGH!

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