Thursday, January 6, 2011

I am tired!

Yesterdays cals:

1/2 tuna steak (115)
roasted asparagus (80)
25 almonds (1 serving) roasted almonds (170)
small slice of cake (about 230 cals according to fitday)
PB & honey sandwich (counting about 400 cals)
1/2 chicken patty (estimating about 200 cals)
Salad; romaine lettuce and mushrooms, plus low cal vinagraitte (figuring about 60 cals for account of the dressing)

So about 1300 calories, give or take about 50ish.

Todays Food:

Cup of muesli hot cereal (300 cals)
salad; romaine/mushrooms/vinagrette (x60)
chobani raspberry yogurt (140)
1 small teriyaki tuna steak (227)
12 spears asparagus (75)
1 serving almonds (172)
Orange (60)
apple (71)

Today is really good. I went to the gym last night and today at lunch. Last night, I burned 650 calories, and today I burned 515. Awesome!

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