Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Yesterday's meals look to be somewhere around 1200ish calories. I felt great!

I didn't go to the gym yesterday, but I am going tonight. I plan on working very hard.

Today's food:

1/2 tuna steak (115)
roasted asparagus (80)
25 almonds (1 serving) roasted almonds (170)
1 orange (60)
small slice of cake (about 230 cals according to fitday)

So far about 700 calories, and I still have dinner.

Today is going good. I feel positive and excited. I was a little worried about the cake celebration. Two massive birthday cakes for our two big bosses. I wanted it, I thought I would just say no, but then decided a small slice would be ok. So I took it, ate the rest of my lunch so that I had protein in my body, then had my cake. It was delicious and made by a woman, Marta, who used to work in my office. Her cakes are FABULOUS and delicious.

Tonight I am cooking tuna steaks again, I have them marinating in some all natural teriyaki sauce. I will be roasting asparagus again too (yum).

Thank you Jesus for helping me with this battle. I cannot do it without
you. How many years I have fought this battle on my own? Too many! I realize I need you to help me wage the war on my body, mind and emotions! I am looking to focus my sight on you. Thank you for helping me realize it.

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