Monday, January 24, 2011


Didn't make it to the gym yesterday, I was soooo sleepy after church that I just vegged out.

Today, I went to lunch spinning.. I forgot how much I don't care for Monday lunch spinning. Its an older woman who teaches (75!! Which is awesome) but I don't care for her music.. Its songs that I don't necessarily dislike, its just not for spinning (Taking care of business, Betty Davis Eyes, What's love got to do with it)..

I only burned 230 Calories in 33 minutes, so I was blah.


almonds: 172
1/2 red bell pepper strips: 16
Salad: 100
Sweet Potato: 136
Chobani raspberry yogurt: 140
Kashi bar: 130
1/3 cup rice: 64
1/2 Grouper fillet: 120
green beans: 50
seaweed: 150
cup of choc soy milk: 160

Total 1238

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