Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hump day! Jan. 19, 2011

Today started out rough.. my hubby left my car up on the jackstand after he had changed the oil in my car this morning. I was freaked out, becasue I didn't know how to remove it or use the jack.

Learning experience. He talked me through everything, but I was upset mostly because I would have been early to work and been able to get my work out done early lunch. I have meetings from 12-4 (blah!). So I got here later than I wanted to. I have a tight schedule on Wednesdays, by the time I get home it is about 5:30 and then I cook dinner and get ready for church at 7. So, if I don't get my workout done at lunch, I don't have enough time to do it.

Since I can't get it in, I am going to go after church. My gym is now open until Midnight M-Thurs., so I really don't have an excuse!

However, it has turned into a pretty good day. A guy who was mean to me last week and made a remark making it seem like some work getting done was my fault, sort of apologized and changed some dates to put the correct information in, and now that is resolved and I heard from my new job and am finally getting my offer letter today! I should start in about 2 weeks and I am so happy!


banana: 105
Chobani straw/nana yogurt: 160
almonds: 172
chicken breast: 140
1/4 cup rice: 60
Salad w/ dressing: 100
1/2 PB&J: 250
1 bowl rice chex: 100
1 cup light soy milk: 60
banana: 105
orange: 60
handful cashews: 80

Total 1392

ETA: I didn't make it to the gym. I did not get home from work until 6:45 and didn't get home after church until a little after 9 and after bathing Alex and putting him to bed/feeding the animals, etc. It was after 10. I will make it tomorrow.

During church I wrote some stuff to add:

"Praise you God for what you are doing in my family's and friend's lives. I pray Jesus that everyone I come in contact with will feel your love and power! God, I praise you! You are wonderful! Your house is as big as a mountain! God, I worship you and thank you for ALL my blessings, whether I can see them as a blessing yet, or not. I am so blessed. I pray blessings for all my friends, family and enemies Lord!

God I give you all the glory for my blessings and successes. I pray that everything I do bring honor and glory to YOU!"

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