Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday Morning

This morning, I woke up pretty early (740, and went to bed at 2..)

Had a light English Muffin (100) with a fried egg (70) in EVOO (50) and jam (25) for breakfast.

Then went to the gym and burned 500 calories on the elliptical/stair thing (I need to find out what it is, its harder than a regular elliptical). I also did 5 minutes on the rowing machine and I have no idea how many calories that burned.

After, I picked up Alex and we headed to his soccer practice where I ran around with him and the little kids for an hour. I was really sweating as they kicked the ball back and forth.

Then we came home and I had a ham sandwich (2 slices of bread: 200 cals, ham: 50 and a tablespoon of avocado:25 cals): 275 and a chobani strawberry and banana yogurt: 160 cals and half an orange: 30, so 465 for lunch.

I'm on my way out to starbucks to meet some friends and plan on having a skinny caramel macchiato. Later, Erica and I are going to the gym again and I'm going to do some weight training.

Egg muffin 245
Ham sandwich/yogurt 465
caramel macchiato 140
2 cups of choc soy milk 300
Tuna steak, asparagus, sweet potato and salad app. 508.
Total 1658

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