Friday, January 7, 2011


Friday was so much fun. I decided to take my son to D.C. and go to the Natural History museum. We got up and around about 8, and were on the road about 945. Stopped to get some starbucks, yum... and away we went. I didn't have a chance to get to the gym today, but we did walk a couple blocks each way, and walked around for about 2.5 hours in the museum..

Thursday, I burned 515 calories at lunch on the elliptical.

Yesterday's final cals..
Cup of muesli hot cereal (300 cals)
salad; romaine/mushrooms/vinagrette (x60)
chobani raspberry yogurt (140)
1 small teriyaki tuna steak (227)
12 spears asparagus (75)
apple (71)
2 bowls rice chex cereal w/ soy milk (400)
(didn't eat my orange or almonds)

Total for Thursday =1273

Starbucks skinny caramel latte (140) and reduced fat turkey bacon, egg white, multigrain egg muffin thing (340)
grilled chick fila chicken sandwich (300)
3 oz salmon (115 with some marinade: 165)
8 asparagus spears (50, w/ olive oil: 100)
salad mix, 2 cups lettuce mix and cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, onion w/ lf balsamic (about 100 plus dressing)

Total = 1145, plus a handful of chex/cheerio mix.. add 100 just to be sure.

God, I just praise and thank you for helping me with this journey. So many times, I've tried to do this, the difference this time, is I'm putting you in the Driver's seat. I'm letting you lead me. I'm asking you to change my brain! Change my mind! Thank you for making me think about the choices I make and push me to make the healthy one! I am so grateful for a loving and wonderful Lord! I'm so happy that you are directing and leading me. I'm so glad I can cast my worries and fears on You. Thank you!!

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