Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eating healthy..

Eating healthy is such a head game.. I love to eat, and love to cook. I like to make good food.

I'm trying to eat a out a lot less. It seems easy to get into a game of grabbing something to eat on the go. I do find Panera Bread to be ok, and I LOVE how they are listing the calorie counts on the menu next to each item, that definitely makes it easier to choose healthy.

Today I had:

Small sub from Quiznos, no bacon; 480 calories (not sure how much of that was bacon, it doesn't break it out)
small cup of chicken noodle soup; 105 calories. I really wanted to add a cookie, but I didn't.
Cup of spaghetti made with ground turkey breast (99% lean). (App. 400 calories according to fitday)
Cup of chocolate soy milk; 90 cals.
Also a small chocolate bar; app. 100 cals.

I try to watch my toddler. I am always so amazed at how he has that natural full feeling and won't eat anything after he says he is done. He ate about 1/2 cup of spaghetti and a few spoonfuls of peanut butter. The only time he will eat more is if we have cake for whatever reason, LOL. So I try to limit that a lot. He loves some chocolate cake, just like Mom.

Still waiting on my offer letter for my new job. I've been pretty patient, waiting for 3.5 weeks! However, I know that God told me to just be patient and that it will be worth it, so that is what I am doing, relying on the Lord.

Tomorrow I am cooking teriyaki tuna steaks for dinner (yum).

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