Monday, February 7, 2011

Emotional Monday

I am having quite an emotional day.. from missing my old friends from my old job, to just feeling left out of things. I guess I will stop posting my menu here. I found an app on my phone that does the job well. I'll stick a link in each day, if there is really anyone who reads my blog that really cares..

Anyway, it always seems kind of sad to leave a job.. people that you sit next to and talk to all day sort of become your family, and then when you leave, it is very rare to keep that friendship behind. There's been a few in the past that I was fine with, but it is always those few that you feel really close to that just really get to you to lose. I'm feeling down because I'm at one of those points where I realize, I just don't have many friends, nor many people to talk to. I only talk to really one person besides my husband, and she has a life and can't always be there.

I suppose it is one of those times I should talk to and rely on God.. but I'm not sure God cares about talking about shoes or getting coffee at Starbucks and it is quite possible that people may begin to think I am crazy. HAH.

Now that I'm in a new place it is also hard because I don't really know anyone or know how to react with anyone's personality so I feel kind of lost. At my old job we joked a lot and just had a humorous time with each other, and now I'm feeling all these new people out and again, just don't really have any friends or anything. There is also a few people who I'm just not quite sure how to take either.

A few times I've put myself out there and kind of butted into conversation, but then I just feel foolish and kind of like a douchebag. I suppose I am a bit depressed, which is pretty normal I think for a change.

I think I've been doing ok though, I've wanted to really dive into some food and eat, but I have restrained. I've asked God to stop me and make me really think before I start to do that.

Calories: 1435

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