Tuesday, February 15, 2011

20 pounds gone!!

Down 20 pounds, woohoo!

Seems like a lot in 2 months, but the bulk came off the first couple weeks, really.. Its taken me since January 20th to lose 4 pounds.. wow! I was up a couple pounds last week, but now its taken those pounds plus 2 more with it! YES.

That is why it is so important not to get discouraged, but it is so hard to stay motivated. I KNOW I am an emotional eater.. I'm trying to tell myself, its ok to get mad, scream, cry, be happy, etc. I've been so inspired by watching the biggest loser and I notice that with most people who have a huge amount of weight to lose, they try to keep their emotions on hold.

After my jogging/walking yesterday, my head throbbed so much, still till today it was hurting. I wonder if that is normal. I know I was hitting a little bit over my normal "hard" heartrate. I usually stay under 155-160 and I was hitting 165 a few times. Not sure why it gave me such a headache. I'm wondering if it is because the blood was pumping really hard into my brain, maybe?

Today I felt much better.. I did reach out to an old friend on Monday sort of telling her sorry I hadn't been around and hadn't been in touch, and even though I expected it, she pretty much blew me off. That sucks, but to be honest, I deserve it. I hadn't been a very good friend to her for quite some time.

Really excited for my Sister in law's wedding coming up in September. I have 6 MONTHS to get ready.. Initially, I started this because I went to Georgia, and this lady at a bridal shop called me her future Mother in Law. I was so so honestly SHOCKED when I sat at another bridal shop and just stared at myself sitting on the couch and I was looking at myself. When did I get so much older??? In my head I still feel 21! I decided that I want to look GOOD at her wedding. So, my goal is about 8-10 pounds a month.. I could lose 50-60 pounds by then, which would put me at 80 pounds lost since December. I have to keep remembering this goal, even when things get hard.

I thought about it tonight, because my thighs were sore after last night. Then I decided that it was ok to not "work" as hard, so I just walked at 3.2 on an incline of 2.0-5.0... for 30 minutes, then got onto the arc trainer for 30 minutes.. I was only going to do 15, but I was watching biggest loser, and needed to find out who won the weigh in!

So I was looking at some dresses today.. I really want to look beautiful in a DRESS for her wedding..

Inside and out!

Food for today:

Your Daily Goal2,36978263262789
CaloriesFatSat FatCarbsFiberProtein

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