Monday, February 28, 2011

Get Behind Me Satan.

I know who you are - the king of liars, "the great deceiver". I have begun to recognize your ways! I know your familiar feeling now. The punch in my gut, the inadequate feelings. You may not have my joy. This is not your territory any more. Leave. Get behind me, out of my face, I shall stomp on you. I shall carry a double edged sword, God shall cover me with his mighty armor. I shall have victory over you, and begin to live my life. You tried to covet my joy as a little girl, and you shall lay claim over me no longer. I am a child of God. I am good. I am worthy. He knew me even before I was formed in my Mother's womb. You have tried to break me for 30 years, and I shall give you not another second. Flee from me! I cast you out in Christ Jesus' name.


Good day for eating healthy and exercise.
Went to the gym right after work and did a crazy awesome spinning class. 45 minutes and 400 calories burned. YES! I was dripping sweat. It was great. I've been hitting higher heart rates, and when I get into the 160's I start burning high calories. I've started even sweating more, which is a really good thing.


chobani caramel yogurt
1/2 tandoori chicken breast
granola bar
raw red bell pepper
baby carrots
1 cup turkey chili
1 cup rice chex and soy milk
granola bar

Your Daily Goal2,25175253102685
CaloriesFatSat FatCarbsFiberProtein

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