Wednesday, February 23, 2011


My office is SO cold. I am absolutely freezing, and I'm wearing a sweater too. My extremities just get so cold.

I am about to get my butt to spinning. I've been slacking since last Thursday. Enough is enough!!

My next two weekends are going to be so busy.. Friday, I have to go to church and help clean carpets to prepare for our women's conference.. that night, my teen girls and I will be hanging out at my Pastor's house making snacks and watching movies. They will be spending the night. Going to take a few board games too, we should have fun..

Saturday, we have the marriage ministry at church. That should be really good. I can't wait. I also need to remember to sign my son up for swim lessons. We will be going Saturday mornings from 9-10 am. I think he will love it.

Sunday, we have church and some errands to run..

The next weekend we have our women's conference and I'll be busy from Friday to Sunday night! Should be really good. Our conference is called Women of Purpose, and I'm excited to know my purpose that God has laid out for me.

I just paid our deposit for our summer vacation. The end of May cannot get here fast enough! I can not wait for a week of relaxing and fun at the beach. I would like to get 30-40 more pounds off by vacation.

I'm off to the gym!

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