Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to overcome the hurt?

I was pretty much off all weekend since Thursday. We went out to outback friday night. I think that they use MSG. I need to look up the ingredients. I had the grilled chicken on the barbie, light style. It tasted good, but in the morning my hands really hurt and were swollen.

We had Alex's birthday on Saturday and I had a LOT of cupcakes left over and ended up eating many. On Sunday, it was nice and we took Alex out and let him ride his bike.. then I got my bike out and it was so nice to ride around.

Yesterday was my birthday and I had lots of nice birthday wishes.. except from my Mom. We were supposed to get together and do something, and i finally called her around 10, and she never answered me. I finally got in touch with her at 9pm, and she never said Happy Birthday, texted me... nothing. I don't understand! I try not to be jealous, but after my sister's birthday where she brags she spent $400 to take everyone out on a boat in Baltimore, I don't get why she is so cold towards me. It really hurts.. like I am nothing to her. Is it because I haven't accepted her boyfriend with open arms? Ugh! I wish I could be a person who just has no feelings. I hate feeling this way! God, help me toughen up! I feel so weak and stupid to have hurt feelings over this. It seems like other people are fine and don't get their feelings hurt over something so stupid.

Talked to my old friend this weekend and it was nice. I'm glad we have reconnected... I realized I was stupid for cutting her out of my life when she was always there for me. She was a good friend and I let myself be annoyed about things. I should have just talked to her openly.. confrontation is hard for me, but I'm learning.

Anyway, this weekend is over and I'm back on track. I made bad choices, and good choices. Long weekends seem to be more difficult for me to stay on track.

Tonight, I am going to the gym after my hubby gets home from church, he is working on the sound, and I plan on jogging tonight. I haven't for a week and my legs are finally unsore!


  1. hey luv it do get beta w/ time...i lost my mom at 13..so hold on 2 whteva lil bit she put out...it is a shame... but pray on it!!

  2. It realy is hard. I need to just sit down with her, I think, and have a talk, but she isn't the easiest to do that with.