Sunday, February 27, 2011

What A Wonderful Day.

I feel great. So at peace today. So happy that God has blessed me and has answered some prayers.

Things, behavior, life .. all changing. I am claiming VICTORY over my life. I'm not going to continue repeating old behavior. I want change, LORD! Thank you God!

I was so happy to see that I was down 21 pounds this morning! Praise God! I was up like 4 pounds last week (cupcakes. Enough said).

I'm challenging myself to a 90 day challenge since we go on vacation May 29. I still plan on eating healthy over vacation, but we may get ice cream one day or go out to the seafood place. I can't wait to see my good friend Becky, this will be the 3rd year (I think) that we visit. This year, I think we are going to work out a couple times.

So after my blog yesterday, my Mom sent me a message telling me she had a little gift for me. Went over and she started hashing out why she was mad at me (I had sent her an email after she didn't even text me Happy Birthday on my B'day asking her if she was angry with me).

I said, "Mom, I forgive you. I was angry with you for a long time, but I forgive you and I'm sorry". She was pretty stunned.. she was like, forgive me why? I explained that I held so much stuff in for so many years over everything that I had to forgive her, and I told her she could thank my church for that.. I should have said, you can thank God for that. She seemed really, really shocked.

But I do. I have to forgive her. I don't want to hold old grievances anymore. I don't want my blessings hindered over not being able to get rid of this old stuff built up in me. I want the power of the God's Holy Spirit in my life.

Yea, I'm flawed. I'm definitely not perfect, but thank you God, that the devil is rebuked for my sake and that I don't have to fight! Thank you God that the fight is already won for me!

So, 90 day challenge.. Yes. I am excited, but it gives me great motivation.

Today I walked 1 minute, then ran 1 minute and alternated that for 40 minutes. I ranged from 4.2 to 5.0. I had to keep saying, you can do this, you can do this and thinking about what Jesus went through. So what is a little jog on the treadmill compared to that? Nothing!

And I burned 400 calories!


2 eggs, 1 bagel thin
1/2 subway seafood and crab, spinach, black olives and tomatoes.
1/2 cup cherry tomatoes.
1/2 (really large) chicken tandoori chicken, broccoli and 1/2 cup baked beans.
chococonut bar.
Kashi TLC cranberry and walnut bar

Your Daily Goal2,05668222832477
CaloriesFatSat FatCarbsFiberProtein


  1. I am SO up for working out with you! What do you want to do? I should have my membership at the Y by then. We could go there.

  2. Does the Y have a pool? I really want to swim some laps somewhere! Yea, I want you to work me out and lift some weights. :-)

  3. They do! An indoor and outdoor pool.