Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Exciting day!

I had a great workout, a good day with food, and my little sister got engaged! I am extremely happy for her. Resolved a few things today, which felt really good. My son was so cute today.. when we were driving home, he asked me what we were having for dinner. I told him we were having fish and rice. He replied that he wanted to have sesame street. I said, what? He said, sesame street.. I asked him if he wanted to play on my computer, and he said, "NO! Mommy! I want sesame street! KINNIITII (spelling out letters)!! That you pour on wice!" Finally, I asked him if he meant sesame OIL and he just let out an exasperated yes, like, duh mom!

It was so funny because when me and his Dad talk, we spell things out that we might not want him to hear. I'm not going to be able to spell out, uh, bad words anymore.

I got a compliment from my coworker who said she was really glad I was there. I still am not sure how to take another lady. She is just so blunt and sort of angry. I'm a little scared of her.

Went to spin at lunch. I LOVE spinning with Genna. I sweat so much my shirt was soaked; that was a really good workout, 300 calories in 40 minutes.

I want to think about motivation.. what drives someone to excel. Today I felt good because I could keep up with everyone else today. When I began back to spinning about a month ago, I had to sit almost the whole class. It was extremely hard. Today, I was able to keep up with all the thin, fit people and that made me feel good; I feel like I am getting my fitness back. I was able to continue standing the entire time we had to stand in 2 and 3 position. What an empowering feeling. Sometimes, it helps me, mentally to try to keep up or pretend I am in a race with the person next to me.

It also gives me confidence, because I am afraid. I am afraid that people either look at me and think mean things about my weight and what I can or can't do.. and on the other hand, I'm afraid that someone is even looking at me. I am so conflicted because I want to be all out there and happy, full of life and energetic, but I am just so afraid of it.

Church was awesome, as usual. I missed our Pastors, but we just sang worship songs and prayed and read verses aloud. I had such love swell in my heart watching my little boy dance and raise his arms and clap while people were praying. He loves Jesus and has a beautiful spirit.

Today's cals, etc..

Your Daily Goal2,17472242992582
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