Thursday, July 15, 2010

My new Adventure in Eating..

In a nutshell, I've discovered the Raw way of eating..

Eating food that is in its raw state or the way that nature intended you eat. A friend of mine is doing a whole detox type of thing, which is what inspired this. Then I was discussing this way of eating with my Sister in law, she introduced me to a book of recipes she has by Ani Phyo; who is this raw eating advocate. It so happened she had also just received a book about raw or vegan eating.

I'm not opposed to eating meat or anything at all, but I have to tell you I am so hooked on eating this way. I've made a few recipes from Ani's book and they were all amazingly delicious. I will be purchasing her two books.

Anyway, I began this diet or way of eating this past Sunday and so far I have lost 5.5 pounds. I am really excited about that. I have about 150 pounds to lose (now 144.5 yay!) so this is so exciting to me.

Later tonight I will post a couple pictures of recipes I've made. Basically, its just fruit, veggies and nuts. I use olive oil and I have used a little honey to sweeten my tea. I'm not really a vegan in belief. My dogs also eat a 'Raw Food' diet; otherwise known as the BARF diet, which is raw meats and veggies. At this point they eat mostly chicken leg quarters, a little beef, some gizzards, raw eggs, full fat yogurt and a little olive oil. Yes, even the raw bones (always raw and NEVER COOKED chicken bones!).

So I'm not opposed to eating meat or meat products, but eating this way is starting to work out for me. I am opposed to stuff that is put into our foods. I've always known that processed foods are just not good for us. Taking a closer look at things like high fructose corn syrup, food coloring and other highly processed ingredients has opened my minds to the fact that our American Government doesn't have our health at heart at all. Have you seen the HFCS ads on TV? They drive me absolutely insane. I am more interested in eating this way for health. I plan on going back to the Doctor in a couple months and getting him to run a new lipid panel to see how my numbers come out. I had one run about a month ago when I was diagnosed with Lyme's disease, so I'll have comparable numbers.

So far I have had a few of Ani's recipes that I've absolutely loved, Corn Chowder and Peach Mango Cobbler. Getting a food processor is a lifesaver and I'm not sure why I never got one before; I love kitchen gadgets!

Here is the Peach Cobbler. My changes were: 2 peaches, 1 mango, instead of vanilla bean, I just used about 1/2 tsp vanilla extract and I left out the agave syrup. I've been reading some controversy about "natural" or "raw" agave syrup being false advertising. It was sweet enough without it! Don't forget to soak your almonds.

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