Saturday, July 24, 2010

Big Calorie Burn..

I had a great calorie burn today.. I went to spinning at 930 and bodyflow (yoga) at 1030. When I left, I had burned 960 calories..

Today's Food:

The Tomato chili leftovers
some dried pineapple
peach mango cobbler

I probably popped some almonds too when I was putting them away. I didn't eat a whole lot today, but I'm feeling pretty satisfied. Oh, I also had a coconut water earlier today. I'm really feeling very full of energy and light. I had a ton of energy at the gym, something I have not had at all lately, so that made me feel pretty great.

I made some plantain/sundried tomato stuff for tomorrow, I tried it, and honestly I'm not sure I will like it, but I'll wait to see after it marinates.

I'm also making some radish kimchi, and that will be my next post.

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