Thursday, July 15, 2010

A couple recipes I've made so far..

Again, I've raved about Ani Phyo's recipes which are delicious, totally raw and seriously healthy for you!

I already told you about the delicious peach mango cobbler, but I've also tried a couple others that are becoming my favorites.

The soup recipe I tried was a corn chowder: I got the recipe off of Happy Foody, but it is an Ani Phyo recipe. What? I love her! Modifications I made: soaked almonds instead of walnuts and I blended the avocado into the soup, along with the cilantro. It made it look more greenish. It was SO good.

The other recipe I loved was from Ani's book
called Black Pepper Cheeze. I stuffed it into red bell peppers, and that was SO amazing. The recipe calls for anaheim peppers, but I couldn't find them anywhere here in podunk, so I just used the red bell peppers since I love them
so much. The sweetness mixed with the
cashew taste was really good. The lemon that is in the cheeze just makes it come alive. I used extra lemon since I love lemon so much.

The other night I concocted a salad dressing (since eating dry salad is so.. dry). The dressing was pretty easy too. I put some whole stems/leaves of cilantro in my food processor, added a bit of oil, the juice of one lime, three small garlic cloves, a little salt, a bit of pepper and mixed it all up. It was a bit thick, so I added just a little bit of water to thin it out. Its like a cilantro lime vinaigrette.

So for lunch today, I had a salad with my dressing and for dinner I put some tiny grape tomatoes and mushrooms into a bowl and put a little of the dressing on that; it was SO good.

Someone on facebook suggested this Mango Avocado salad, so I also made that tonight for dinner. Since I only had one mango, I used one mango and two avocados. I ate half and saved the rest for breakfast.

Happy Eating!

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