Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Finally better!

Phew, that was a loooong week of being sick and blah. I went to my regular Doctor yesterday, becuase, in spite of my week long Z-pack, my throat still felt like rusty razor blades were slicing my throat every time I swallowed. I ate badly yesterday and had 2 banana pudding milkshakes from chickfila. They have like 20 points a piece. So good and cold on my throat though. Anyway, my Doctor said that Zpacks just don't work very well anymore, and gave me a new antibiotic and today I feel 100% better. I think tomorrow I can get to the gym and spin. I haven't worked out since our last hike on the 19th! Wow, I need to step it up. So excited for my son tonight, he has real outdoor soccer practice. I hope its warm enough and I hope there are no tears and he just goes and has fun.

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