Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Soul Searching..

I've had to do some real soul searching the past few months.. and its been so difficult. I've just been so sad and bummed.. and then to be treated bad by someone who was supposed to be my friend.. I've just had it! So glad to see 2011 go.. its not been a great year.

Trying to get all the holiday junk foods out of my system and back on my workout plan.. I've been really struggling the past few months.. Sad over my Grandfather.. sad over things that haven't ever been.. just sad and mad in general.. I'm over fake people and the bullshit personal problems people have and the crap people project onto you.. and I'm tired of being sad and mad. I have been working out, but not eating very well, and I know that is a huge part of it.

So, I'm back with posting my calories and gym work. My goal is about 1500 cals a day, and some activity.

We had a great Christmas, and Alex got a kinect from his Auntie, and that thing is pretty fun!

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