Thursday, July 28, 2011

Feeling great and first WOD

So about 2 weeks ago, I met with a trainer who does all crossfit training.. I've been dabbling with learning the crossfit stuff for about a year, a friend is big into it. Well, I've been reading the website, but its so confusing to me, so I met with Van, and he explained some basics. After practicing the basics, I finally did my first 5x4 workout today! The sweat was unbelievable and I hit an all time heart rate (167), and I didn't get dizzy, which is great for me!

I still see my strength trainer and we do arms and legs on Fridays. I'm feeling really strong, and this is my 3rd week paleo. I did have some alcohol last week, and that seemed to stall me. I also worked LONG hours in San Diego, and didn't have any time to work out much.

However, I was pretty proud of myself in that I really did well with my eating plan, I think.. I kept a bag of nuts in my purse when I was hungry, and when we had sandwiches, I removed the bread and only at the insides. I did have one small piece of bread that came with my salad at one restaurant and we did have a few drinks 2 nights, but other than that, I did really great.

Going to try to update more often and put in my workouts, so I can keep track of the different wods i've done.

10 minutes arc trainer warmup then;
5x4 of:
kettlebells 20 pounds, 15 reps
boxjumps on the tiny box, 15 reps
sumo pulls, 15
cross pushups (modified pushups, but no knees) 10, with a 10-15 second plank after
abmat situps, 15-20

took me about 30 minutes to do 4 rounds.

45 minutes spin ride, 400 cals burned


Massage, I was hurting!

90 minute bike ride, "Ride to Kona". Very inspirational. 25 miles and 700 calories!

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