Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Back on track..

I used being sick as an excuse to not eat too well.. as a result, 5 pound gain. I'm sure some of that is water, so hopefully it will go right back off. Finally back to my old self. I was feeling great, but then my sore throat started coming back and I was really exhausted. I think Alex's soccer should be cancelled tonight, and worship practice is cancelled, so hopefully I can get in the gym tonight. I did go to spinning last Wednesday and that was hard, my chest was still pretty congested. I had a hard couple days with dealing with my husband and church. He is a very sensitive person, and he is also a perfectionist. When someone says something critical of him, he takes it SO hard. So we were dealing with his feelings on that. The enemy definitely attacks in any way that you are weak. He knows our weaknesses. We have to keep him at bay. I pray for God's protection! I'm so thankful for warm weather. Even though it is raining today, yesterday was so wonderful. It felt great to open windows and let the nice weather in. I feel like Spring Fever is setting in and I felt like going through closets and drawers and getting rid of junk and cleaning. I finally went grocery shopping and made grilled chicken and broccoli with baked beans for dinner. It was pretty good. Alex really made me laugh last night.. We were eating some thin rolls and dipping it in hummus, he got off his chair and said now I thank god for this bread to eat.. then he got some juice out of the fridge and it is dark red; blueberry/pomegranate juice and he was like, this is jesus blood and we drink it and thank you god for jesus blood. It was so cute, but amazing. He really is picking up a lot of things from church! Praise the Lord! We read our bible every night and if we talk about the "bad guys", he says, Mommy, is this the bad guys? Did they hurt Jesus? The other day he said, "Mommy, I don't like those bad guys who hurt Jesus. That's not nice". My Godbaby is turning 2, and we celebrated his birthday on Saturday.. He is so cute and he finally loves me. The secret is giving the little kids presents. Mwuahahah!

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