Monday, January 2, 2012

30 day paleo challenge..

Trying to embark onto a 30 day Paleo challenge starting today. Although, I'll admit that I wasn't perfect at it today. Trying to get my bearings into it.

pb protein shake 200 cals
grande skinny car. macchiato (should not have had, bad habit!) 140
italian salad w/ small amount of oil and vinegar 300ish.
thin ribeye 290
banana 105

Somewhere around 1100 calories today.

Had a great workout with my friend Sara. Since she is training for a half marathon, its so helpful to run with her, because it really pushes me to run.

Today I jogged over 35 minutes on the treadmill! 55 minutes on the treadmill in all. I did groups of 5 minutes, 10 and 15. I can't wait until I can just run it totally without stopping.

Then we did a crossfit workout with our trainer, we did blocks.

So you set up a block of workouts 20 15 10 and 5 across top to bottom and then left to right. Looks like a soduku game, and each exercise ends up with a 20, 15, 10 and 5 rep. It was pretty fun. I have to post our exercises. I'm tired. Burned around 750 calories during our workout.

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